IN-SITU Soluti

In-situ analytical procedures feature physical measurements in the flow of a process gas, directly in the actual process gas line. In contrast to extractive gas analysis, a sample is not taken and routed onto the analyzer via a sample line and sample conditioning.

The Laser Diode Gas Analyzer SITRANS SL

SITRANS SL is designed for measuring oxygen (O2) with high sensitivity. It consists of a pair of cross-duct sensors, a transmitter unit and a detector unit, both with the same dimensions. Due to its little installation effort and its minimum maintenance requirements, SITRANS SL guarantees a high level of economic efficiency.

Components: O2 l Biggest Range: 0-100 Vol%

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The Laser Diode Gas Analyzer LDS 6

The in-situ gas analyzer LDS 6 is characterized by a high availability and unique analytical selectivity and is optimally suitable for numerous applications. One or two signals from up to three measuring points are processed simultaneously by the central analyzer unit. The sensors are designed for operation under harsh environmental conditions and contain a minimum of electrical components.

Components: O2, NH3, HF, H2O, CO2, CO, HCI.

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